CAS offers several opportunities for interested agricultural companies to work with us and our small scale farmers.


CAS is actively using the latest technologies, including seed, fertilizer, and machinery, to ensure farmers optimize their yields. If you are interested in being a CAS Farmers Input Supplier you should CONTACT US.


Institutional Investors

CAS works with institutional investors in establishing methods of financing for their smallholder farmers. Investment is assured and gives investors financial returns as well as social impacts for farmers.

Individual Investors

PAB Njangi Farms. Grants / Donations
Investors can purchase PAB CAS Poverty Alleviation Bonds.PAB is Cameroon's first social impact bond that enables investors to make a reasonable return on their investment while providing them with a platform to track the effectiveness of their investment in eradicating poverty from smallholder farmers. If you are interested in investing in PAB please CONTACT US. Investors seeking to make micro-loans and investment can invest through our online platform Njangi Farms provides individual micro-financers and investors ($25 and more) with the opportunity to lend directly to representatives of CAS smallholder farmers for a specified period and to recover the full payment. CAS partners with funding agencies, delivering grants that are compatible with our areas of work and skills. This involves but is not limited to: farming, rural development, investment impact, social innovation, and social enterprises. We welcome the opportunity to put forward ideas. CONTACT US


CAS has developed a strong network of small-scale farmer members that produce quality agricultural products that are carefully monitored at every stage of growth from planting to harvest.  CAS has the ability to trace anything produced by its members back to the field, providing purchasers with additional confidence in our product.

If you are interested in purchasing CAS member produced CONTACT US.